This Month in the Garden: Proven Winners Harvest Edibles New for 2019-Better Than Ever!

Proven Winners Harvest Edible Collection New for 2019
Proven Winners has a new line of edibles coming out in 2019, which are a must have! The first, ‘Garden Gem’ Tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum), is one of the most productive and delicious tomatoes I have ever experienced. Developed by an accomplished scientist, this semi-determinate, snack-size tomato has been a breakthrough. It was developed to have a traditional taste, with modern disease resistance and high fruit yield. The plants produce a firm, juicy fruit with the sweetness of a cherry tomato at a size equivalent to that of a plum-tomato. This cultivar will continue to produce tomatoes for the entire season, while thriving in both heat and humidity. Fruit ripens in about 55 days.

Garden Gem’ Tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum) Photo By Proven Winners

TIPS: While this variety will grow to be a large plant (30-42″) in the landscape, when grown in a container they will maintain a compact size, while producing an endless supply of fruit. I would recommend at least a twelve-inch container with drainage holes per plant, using either a cage or stakes to keep the plant upright. Grow in full sun in a well-drained soil and do not allow the plant to dry out. During the heat of summer, I would recommend watering daily. Apply a well-balanced fertilizer regularly.
Next is Strawberry ‘Berried Treasure’ (Red Fragaria ananassa). This new cultivar of strawberry is highly ornamental with a more compact appearance, while producing tasty fruit. Plants grow to a height and width of approximately 12-16 inches tall by 18-24 inches wide and should be grown in full sun. The semi-double red flowers that cover the plant are attractive and will add a nice touch to the garden. ‘Berried Treasure’ can be grown as a perennial in USDA hardiness zones 4-9 as either a container plant or in the garden. I enjoyed the lovely flowers on this cultivar as much as the fruit!

Strawberry Berried Treasure(Red Fragaria ananassa) Photo by Proven Winners

TIPS: To keep your ‘Berried Treasure’ Strawberries looking their best, it is recommended to remove spent flowers. Soil should be kept evenly moist and a regular fertilization program will produce the most prolific crop.
The third new edible I found to be a hit is Basil ‘Amazel’ (Ocimum hybrid) with its aromatic leaves and excellent flavor. Unlike most Basil, which are susceptible to downy mildew, ‘Amazel’ is the first Italian sweet basil that has excellent resistance. Amazel is seed sterile variety that continues to produce leaves and shoots even after flower initiation, keeping it going for the entire season. Plants grow to approximately 20-36 inches high by 12-20 inches wide and can be grown in containers or in the garden. I found this variety to be more prolific, hardier and longer lasting.

Basil ‘Amazel’ (Ocimum hybrid) Photo by Proven Winners

TIPS: For best flavor and leaf production, grow Basil in full sun and keep moderately moist. Harvest or pinch back regularly to keep full and promote fresh tender growth. Harvest sprays of leaves by cutting stems just above two new sprouting lateral branches.

For more information and purchase, visit the Proven Winners website for a huge selection of perennials, annuals, edibles and shrubs. Be on the look out for these new selections in 2019!

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