Save Money on College Essentials

Create a list of things that you need. This way you know what you’re looking for while you’re out and about or doing online shopping. It should also keep you from getting too overwhelmed because there’s lots of stuff out there and a lot of advertisements for “back to college” items that you don’t really need – especially if you’re trying to save yourself some money.
Figure out what you already have. Before you start any of your school shopping, look around to see what you’ve already got – you may be surprised. This will save you some time and money when you start to shop. Do you already have some cute bed sheets that will work – at least for now? Already have some cleaning supplies on hand? Do your parents need all of their pots and pans? Maybe they’ll let you have some. Cross off the things you already have or don’t need right away. Work from there.
Check out local thrift shops like GoodWill, Value Village and more local based thrift and consignment shops. This is a really good place to start because you never know what you might find and you could end up saving a ton of money on things you thought you were going to have to buy brand new. Keep an eye out for bedding, decorations, lighting, office/school supplies, clothes, storage, etc.
Look at yard sales too! You can find some super great deals and most people are even willing to negotiate! Check out Craigslist, local power polls, and Facebook events, and other resources to find them!
Find the sales. Finding as many “back to school” sales and discounts as you can will be a big help. This is the time when you will find them. If you know you’re going to need lots of art supplies – LOOK FOR DISCOUNTS AND COUPONS. Art supplies are expensive and anything that can lower that price is going to be a huge help.
Look online. Depending on the deals you can find and whether you’re local or not, it’s probably worth looking around online. You can even have things sent right to you once you’re settled into the dorms or your apartment and have the trouble of having to move said things. Also make sure to activate Ebates while you’re shopping to get some money back!

Keep an eye out for our next post on how to save money on textbooks!

Good luck out there!

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