How to Earn Some Extra Cash

Sell some of your books/textbooks! There are multiple bookstores around the city who are more than happy to take those books off your hands and even give you some money for them! If you live on Capitol Hill or are willing to transport your books up there, Twice Sold Tales is a great place to sell to. Make sure you call ahead and see if they’re buying that day! They accept walk-ins but will be much happier and pleasant if you call ahead. They will take a look at your books and give you cash or write you a check! Of course they also do in-store credit, but this is a post about earning cash after all. You can always check out some online resources for selling books as well, such as My Book Buyer, Cash4Books, Amazon’s Trade-In Program, &
Have too many clothes? Clothes you don’t wear anymore but that are still in pretty good shape? Head to Crossroads, Buffalo Exchange, or any other consignment shop that buys clothes! You’ll have the option of in store credit or cash.
Save your coins! If you ever start getting a buildup of coins, try putting them into a jar or piggy bank! Try not to touch them once you put them in and then once it’s full head to the bank or to the closest Coinstar Kiosk to get cash for your coins! Then it’s your choice if you want to deposit and save the money or treat yourself to something!
Get a part time job! Apply for a job somewhere around the city or apply for a work-study position if you’re eligible! Keep an eye out for odd jobs too! The money you earn from this can help you pay for your necessities and if you have some leftovers you can add to your savings or have some extra spending money!
Start an Etsy site! If you make art or any kind of crafty things that you think you might be able to sell, it might be worth deciding to open an Etsy shop to try and sell some of your work and earn some money. Of course, Etsy isn’t the only option, there are many other sites where you can start selling your work too!
Fill out some surveys. You’re not going to make a ton of money doing this, but there are some sites out there who are willing to pay you for taking surveys. If you’re willing to do this and stay committed you could definitely earn a bit here and there. Check out this post from The Peaceful Mom for some of the best survey sites that are out there: You can take a look at this link too for some other sites that will pay for certain types of work from you:

Good luck out there!