Holiday Shopping & Saving Tips

Find a seasonal job. This could last anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. It’s a great way to
earn some extra money in a short period of time with no long-term commitments, plus you don’t need to have much experience for most seasonal jobs. A good time to start looking is September-November.

Make a budget and keep to it.

Start early. The holidays will sneak up on you fast, so start early if you’re able. You’ll thank yourself

Go Handmade. Be creative!

Trade! If you’ve got some kind of art or craft thing that you make, find other people who also do and
trade with them. Suddenly you both have a gift worth giving without having to pay for it!

Check out thrift and consignment shops. Sometimes you can find the perfect gift!

Black Friday. If you’re good with crowds, hit up the Black Friday sales. You can check out for tips and deals for the day. If you’re not good with crowds, there are still many
Black Friday deals online! Make sure you know what you’re looking for and don’t get sucked into
buying unneeded things.

Cyber Monday. The Monday after Black Friday is Cyber Monday. Check out for
more details and deals. Some are even offered now!
Good luck!