Color Our World Round Up: November 2016

Welcome! I’ve recently met a group of wonderfully talented bloggers with vast knowledge on a variety of topics dealing with the home and garden. Each month the participants focus on a particular color, bringing you a variety of posts on topics such as gardening, home remedies, decor and culinary delights. There is a little something for everyone. This month our color is Brown and our bloggers are from Project Beautiful. Here’s what’s happening for the month of November! 

First let me introduce Susan Brandt at Blooming Secrets with her post The Year in Color-Brown the Natural Color. Susan describes brown as a natural color and an important one at that. “After all, the very soil that we gardeners gleefully toil in is generally a shade of brown and this earthy quality makes brown a symbol of stability and reliability. Unfortunately, it also has a reputation of being boring and in many surveys, on color it is ranked as the least favorite color of them all. Regardless of our personal tastes, it is an appropriate color for November. We watch the leaves turn colors, including brown and the centerpieces on our Thanksgiving tables are often adorned in colors of yellow, red and brown.  You may have to dig deep to find an appreciation for the color brown but sometimes the simplest of colors can be the most interesting”…more

Terri Steffes at Our Good Life shares her recipe for Homemade Cough Drops. “Last week I introduced you to a homemade cough syrup that I loved. I found that I needed something that I could carry around, so I did some research and found a lot of recipes for homemade cough drops. I combined a couple of recipes and made these, which I like for a couple of reasons.  One, they are cheap to make and two, they are very effective. To be perfectly honest, these cough drops do require a bit of time spent on the making of them.  Some tips I would offer are these: use a good pot, use at least a two quart pot, and cool the mixture before making the drops.  I’ll explain more as I go.”…more on Terri’s homemade remedy at Our Good Life.

Kim Brush at Day to Day Adventures gives helpful tips with her recipe for Brown Bag Low Carb Freezer Chimichangas. “Once a month we go to Kansas City and take lunch. Sometimes we take sandwiches but that doesn’t work for some of my peeps who don’t like/can’t have sandwiches. Our solution? Brown Bag Chimichangas from the freezer. My kids barely know what brown bagging it means. We homeschool so most of our lunches are eaten at home!  Since we get to KC early in the morning, the chimis can warm up in a small crock pot for a few hours and be ready for lunch! Best of all they can be low carb and super healthy!  Another way to eat these chimis is to heat them in the oven before leaving the house.  Then wrap them up or put them in a thermal bag(the kind you put your casseroles in to keep them warm”…read more  

Lynee Cherot at Sensible Gardening talks about Chocolate Brown Gardening. “Not the most usual colour in plants, brown adds a touch of mystery to the flower bed. Normally a rather unassuming colour, brown in flowers and foliage stands out when grown among the brighter tones in the garden border. It almost adds a touch of class to plantings and a sense of style to containers. The slightly unusual always draws us in, and brown flowers and leaves are no exception. Would I like an all brown garden, probably not. I prefer these tones to be given specific placement in the garden for the element of surprise and wow factor. Finding brown plants will take a bit of looking but they are out there. Below are some“ more

Karen Creel at Garden Chick discusses cover crops for the winter garden with her post Cover Crops: Turn a Brown Garden GreenMy garden is now finished, and as a gardener, I’m still looking for reasons to be out in it.  The weather is mild, the garlic still needs to be planted,  and the strawberry and asparagus beds are yet to be cleaned out. Instead of letting the garden lay idle all winter, open to weeds and erosion, I have decided to plant a portion in a winter cover crop. Cover crops are a great way to turn brown gardens green. Here are a number of reasons to plant a cover crop: They keep the soil covered from the harsh winds,snow and rain, helping to prevent soil erosion. They help loosen the soil, in turn making the garden easier to turn over the next spring”read more

Terri Schuler at the Freshman Cook presents Three Simple Ways to Decorate an Acorn Cookie as she puts together a Dessert Bar for her holiday dinner guests with some simple sugar cookies. “These Acorn Sugar Cookies couldn’t get much easier… Even if you have never made decorated sugar cookies, these will be no problem for you! The only thing to remember when making these cookies is to allow enough time. It takes time for the dough to chill, time to decorate them and time for the icing to dry after they are decorated. So, if you are serving these cookies on Thursday, you might want to make them the weekend before”… read more

Nikki Wills at Tikkido talks about “Gingerbread for Beginners” and shows us her wonderful talents.If you know me at all, you know that gingerbread is totally my thing.  My mother started our family’s tradition, and I’ve continued it, baking 100+ gingerbread houses a year for family, friends, neighbors, and classmates.  I’ve finally collected our decades of hard-earned gingerbread insights into one simple e-book, Gingerbread for Beginners”…read more

And finally, here is my post This Month’s Color in the Garden November 2016: The Changing Garden-The Many Shades of Brown  “As a designer and avid gardener, I have developed a deep appreciation for all the changes that take place in the garden and for what nature has to offer throughout the entire year. The garden can be beautiful, even after the prime of autumn, when shades of brown become more prominent throughout the landscape. For this meme, I have ventured out into the garden with my macro lens to get a close-up view of the many shades of brown that come my way! Multi-colored leaves grace the landscape…hostas fade as the edges of once vibrant green leaves turn to shades of yellow then brown. Even though they are going dormant for winter, there is much beauty there”…read more

Thank you for visiting and I hope you enjoyed #PB Color Our World Round-Up for the month of November. Wishing you joy and happiness in the holiday season and always!

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