Color Our World Round-Up January 2017: White Blooms for the Garden Plus Tasty Treats!

Color Our World Round-Up January 2017
Welcome! It’s time for another Color My World Round-Up post. Each month the knowledgeable bloggers from Project Beautiful get creative by writing articles with focus on a particular color. Posts cover a multitude of topics including gardening, home remedies, decor and culinary delights. This month the color is “white” and the authors are sharing their thoughts on all the possibilities of using white in the garden, with some tasty treats to bring along the way. Simply click on the links to read each article, and enjoy!

First, before we visit some gardens, let’s look at some delicious recipes for the cold winter months. Terri Oliver Steffes from Our Good Life shares her recipe for warm vanilla milk.This month our group of bloggers from Taste Creations focused on warm drinks for your sipping pleasure during the chilly months that are still to come. These beverages are easy to make and definitely easy to drink! This Warm Vanilla is the complete opposite of Hot Chocolate in every way. This drink is mellow, not too rich and can be very low sugar and low fat, depending on how you want to make it! My grandmother used to make this for us when we were little and spent the night at her house. I don’t remember her calling it Warm Vanilla, though. I think we called it Hot Milk” more

Next is Terri McNeil Schuler from the Freshman Cook with her recipe for her easy to make and delicious Chicken Marinara Panini. “Happy New Year to everyone! Today we are celebrating Easy Supper Recipes as we kick off a month long celebration of National Sunday Supper month! As much as I love to cook and create new recipes, there are also times when all I want is something simple, easy and tasty. That’s how this Chicken Marinara Panini came to be. I always have chicken breasts in the fridge, and if you do too, this recipe is definitely for you!  If you cook the chicken the day before, this panini comes together in about 10-15 minutes. Make it in 30 minutes if you cook the chicken as you make the meal. Any way you make it, this Chicken Marinara Panini is sure to become a favorite!”…read more

Now from the gardens, here is Susan Brandt from Blooming Secrets with The Year in Color-White As Snow. “One of our special features this year is something we call “The Year in Color”. Each month we’re going to share with you, our take on the color of the month as determined by our secret panel of experts. This highly scientific selection process (you can tell I am kidding right?) helped choose the color that the panel believes is most associated with that month and then challenged us to take you on a colorful journey each month…What would the winter be without snow? In many areas of the country the color white dominates the landscape at this time of year yet snow isn’t the only “white” source. Indoors our homes can be full of fragrance from forced bulbs like paperwhites and hyacinths or if you are lucky you” …read more
Next is Lynee Cherot from Sensible Gardening as she discusses Gardening with White Flowers. “Of all the colours flowers come in, my favourite is pure white. White of course is not even a colour, but the absence of colour. White sunlight is a mix of red, orange, yellow, green blue indigo and violet ( just like the rainbow). The colour of an object is the reflection of certain parts of this spectrum of white light. Leaves appear green because they attract all the other colours but reflect the green light. An object appears white because its surface reflects all of the light reaching it and absorbs none.  Black on the other hand absorbs all the light and reflects none.Not all white blooms look exactly the same, there are many variable tones. Some white flowers are totally white and others are flushed” …read more

Karen Creel from Garden Chick enlightens us with the Obedient Plant. “I can’t resist a bargain, and while shopping at Lowe’s last week, I headed to the half off rack at the back of the lot.  Perennials were on sale $3.00.  I like to find plants that I don’t have and ones that will multiply and fill in the large spaces of my yard.  The obedient plant caught my eye, and I chose two.  I don’t usually choose white flowers, because I don’t like how they turn brown after a rain.  But the tall spiky flowers which resemble snapdragons and the fact that they bloom in late summer and fall, convinced me to put two in my buggy.I planted one of my plants in the herb garden beside the spiderwort.  The white of the obedient plant and the purple of the spiderwort will give some color to an otherwise green area. The obedient plant gets its name because the stems will stay in place when bent.  But, it’s not very obedient.  It easily spreads.  You can  plant it in a pot with holes, and sink it into the ground to keep it from spreading, or easily dividing the rhizomes to other areas of the garden”…read more 

Renee Cumberworth at the Garden Frog shares her knowledge of Formosa Lily. “I added the Formosan lily (formerly known as Formosa lily) L. formosanum late last summer at the fall plant sale at the Lewis Ginter botanical garden. As I walked up I could smell the lovely fragrance and stood there inhaling the intoxicating aroma fragrance of the  white trumpet flower. I was in heaven. I thought it was an Easter Lily at first because of the beautiful fragrant white trumpet flower atop the tall stem. The grower told me it was grown from seed this spring and they are easy to grow and love moist but not wet soil in full sun or partial shade here in zone 7…The Formosan lily blooms late summer and grows upward to 7 feet tall in the south where the growing season is longer”…read more 

Finally is my post This Month’s Color in the Garden January 2017-White for Moon Garden. ” The color white is considered neutral in the garden and often radiates a sense of peace, romance and elegance. White blooms and foliage offer contrast in the daytime garden and make other colors “pop”, but as darkness approaches they take on yet another role. Plants with white blooms or silvery-white foliage have a tendency to become more prominent during the early dawn and evening hours, and have become quite popular in the design of moon, or night gardens. Moon gardens are designed with plants whose foliage and blooms cause them to stand out at night and can be planned to create a peaceful oasis. Many night-blooming plants, such as Moonflower (Ipomoea alba) have blooms that are white and extremely fragrant, while some blooms, such as petunia, release their fragrance at night. When using foliage plants such as such as Stachys (Lamb’s Ear), Dusty Miller or Artemeisia in a moon garden, their silvery-white leaves appears to “glow” in the moonlight”…read more
Thank you for visiting and I hope you enjoyed #PB Color Our World Round-Up for the month of January. Next up is This Month’s Color in the Garden, where the color pink is the focus. Then join me for Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day and Foliage Follow-Up each month on the 15th. Linking to Floral Fridays and Monday Macro 2.

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