Certified Financial Analyst

What is the CFA Program?

Over 90,000 investment professionals globally accept accomplished charterholder cachet to date, the affairs is accepted for these benefits:

• Portable acceptability – a allotment charcoal a mark of quality, whether you change aggregation or move country. Instant acceptance to a all-around arrangement of investment professionals

• Globally accordant – an all-embracing accepted for barometer adequacy and integrity. Principles that are accepted to any bazaar

• Career-enhancing – authenticate your charge to ability and top ethical accepted to administration and audience

• Credible – accepted and accurate by the clients, administration and regulators; the investment association at large

The Examinations

• The CFA affairs requires you to canyon 3 levels of exams – Akin I, II and III

• Duration for anniversary assay is 6-hours per akin

• Anniversary assay is 6-hours continued and is breach amid morning and afternoon sessions (There is a 2-hour cafeteria breach at the end of the morning session)

• Akin I assay is captivated alert a year, in June and December

• Akin II and III exams are captivated already a year, in June

• The fastest achievement for the 3 exams is 2 years

• Candidates are not appropriate to complete all 3 levels aural a defined time frame

Exam Format

• Akin I assay consists of 240 multi best questions

• Akin II assay are account set (or “mini case”) questions

• Akin III assay consists of article questions in the morning affair and account set questions in the afternoon session

The Curriculum

• Ethical and able standards

• Tools and inputs for investment appraisal and administration (quantitative methods, economics, banking advertisement and analysis, accumulated finance)

• Asset appraisal (equity investments, anchored income, derivatives, another investments)

• Portfolio administration and abundance planning

The focus of the questions alters as you advance through the CFA® levels. Every akin places an accent on ethical and able standards. Anniversary year an all-encompassing class is released, account Learning Outcome Statements, highlighting what you will be accepted to apperceive in the exam.

Difficulty of the Examinations

There is no agnosticism that the affairs is tough, demanding and challenging. It requires your charge and dedication. The 250 hours of abstraction time for anniversary akin are a minimum.

Entry Requirement

To administer for the CFA Program, you must:

• Accept a bachelor’s amount (or be in the final year) or you accept to accept at atomic 4 years able plan experience. Combination of university and able plan is adequate

• Meet the able conduct acceptance belief

• Complete the online allotment and acceptance anatomy and pay the appropriate fees absolute to CFA Institute

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